Enjoy the simple lifestyle of Barrydale (only 250kms from Cape Town), a quiet Karoo town where many have chosen to pause for a while, and in getting away from it all, come towards your Self. Here, you can see the night full of stars, breathe fresh air…grow, connect, charge your energy and focus on what is important for you.
Whether it’s a Self- Guided breakaway or a structured Retreat or Workshop, we offer you the space to look at what you are finding.
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A Self- Catering cottage is available and we offer a wide range of Retreats and Workshops. Please see the tabs below for the information you are interested in or email us any enquiries.

About Tessa…

Tessa is a passionate facilitator and experienced counsellor with grief and trauma, managing changes in life, and holistic self awareness. Initially a Trainer for Hospice, she broadened her field of practice into Corporate Leadership Development, Relationship Building, Conflict Resolution and Teambuilding, as well as voluntary work for NGO’s. She is deeply committed to personal growth and facilitating this experience for herself and others through workshops, group work and guided personal introspection.